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Lauren Beirne Dance Works is a Brooklyn-based, interdisciplinary dance company that fuses modern dance, theater, and cabaret- crafting the results into visually spectacular,  movement dialogues that parallel the odious, and the exquisite moments we experience in our lives. Through the stark re-imagining of relatable realities, personal stories and global truths, LBDW's commentaries on modern society toe the boundaries of the taboo. Our themes exhibit a sense of raw sentimentality, foiled by exposing the vile, curious, and compassionate elements that compose the feminine human psyche.


Our mission is somewhat of an anti- mission (albeit, we realize the irony being that statement is a mission within itself). We choose to not be artistically confined to fixed project parameters, rather allow ourselves to explore every imaginative avenue we encounter. Above all, whether it be endearing or uncomfortable, we seek honesty and accessibility in our storytelling and performance. We embrace collaboration, education, experience and equality, and are dedicated to promoting informed and engaged community audiences.



Illuminating life's wicked and sublime divide...

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